Ella’s food solution for… A hangover

Spinach and mushroom omelette
Spinach and mushroom omelette

I know peoples’ preferences for ‘the morning after’ can vary widely, but this is an ultimate back-on-track brekky which is nice and light to suit even the very delicate. The protein from the eggs will support enzyme systems involved in breaking down and removing alcohol, carrying out the work for your long-suffering liver.

This is also one of the very cheapest and easiest meals possible – all you need is a dash of oil to cook the mushrooms for a couple of minutes followed by a handful of spinach, and two or three eggs! I like to get the eggs whisked before I start the cooking process just so that there’s no danger of burning anything. I add lots of paprika and black pepper to the egg mix before I pour it over the mushrooms and spinach (or whatever else you have lying around e.g. onion, chilli, pepper, tomatoes etc). This mixture should fill the pan and then reduce the heat. Leave for a few minutes until the bottom is cooked (light brown in colour) then use a flat paddle-like kitchen utensil to peel it away from the pan and flip over. Some people grill this side but I find a simple flip and a flop does the job. For some sauce, light soy sauce goes great and will still enable you to hit that salty hangover craving while knowing you’ve had a fighting fit breakfast!


2 Comments on “Ella’s food solution for… A hangover

  1. Loving reading this blog dude. You’re such a chef!! This omelette sounds gorg, definitely could have done with one of these this morn. Can I be cheeky and request a curry recipe? The ones you’ve snapchatted me in the past look too yummy!!


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