Ella’s food solution for… Feeling unwell

Wholesome vegetable soup
Wholesome vegetable soup

Whether it’s a cold, a tummy ache or even a bit of home sickness, a hot bowl of steaming homemade soup has to be the best cure…

Canned soups bought in the supermarket are often very high in sugar whereas if you make your own you can pack in tons of flavour without the added downfalls. Homemade soup is so nutritious and comforting and can so easily be made in large quantities with the view of freezing portions. Ingredients in a soup can vary hugely to make all sorts of delicious versions. This also means that this a super-saving meal as it’s a great way to use up veg on its last legs whether it’s at home or selling for cheap in in the shop. 

For this soup, instead of following my family’s traditional carrot, celery and leek combo, I used 1 parsnip, 4 carrots, 2 onions and swede because these seasonal packs of veg were on offer – 2 for £2. So I used the whole of 1 pack and just the onion from the other (and roasted the veg from the remaining pack another day). Firstly, I fried onion and garlic and as I had some chilli I put that in too before adding the rest of my veg which I sliced and diced. After about 3 minutes, it was time to add the chicken stock with 1 litre of boiling water (then just keep adding water throughout the whole cooking process whenever you feel it needs it). After the stock, I added half a cup of lentils to thicken the soup. I then added Lee & Perrins sauce, lots of black pepper and a squidge of tomato puree. I then stirred and brought to the boil before leaving to simmer for around 40 minutes with the odd stir along the way.

Now it’s time to blend the soup. How much of this you do depends on how you like your soup. I like to leave some bits of veg to give it a bit of bite. This is one of the most wholesome dishes you can make and  and no cold will dare fight back through this army of goodness!


2 Comments on “Ella’s food solution for… Feeling unwell

  1. Just had a late night cooking session with this one! Perfect way to use up the veg I had left over in the fridge, so quick and simple but tastes delicious and wholesome. This one is definitely going to keep me powering through the revision.


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