Ella’s food solution for… Revamping your summer salad

A summer salsa salad
A summer salsa salad

This is a such a fresh and easy dish, perfect for this time of year. The softness of the egg and avocado goes with the crunch of the pepper, cucumber and spring onion to provide a great combination of textures. The stronger flavours from the beetroot and olives, work well with the hidden crisp, light base of lettuce leaves.

The brilliance of this meal came about unexpectedly when considering what I could use to introduce some moisture to the dish. I try to avoid processed sauces as they are generally laden with fat and sugar, instead I experimented with a dip I tried last week and made it into a salsa. This recipe is unbelievably simple:

6-8 cherry tomatoes,
3 spring onions,
1 chilli,
1 tbsp tarragon,
1tbsp olive oil,
the juice of 1 lemon,
a handful of pine nuts,
a handful of bulgar wheat.

First blend the tomatoes then add the rest of the ingredients except the bulgar wheat which you combine with the rest of the blended ingredients after soaking it in cold water for 10-15 mins and then top with the pine nuts to give a fabulously nutty taste and texture. I always like to finish off my salads with a sprinkling of black pepper.


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