Ella’s food solution for… Brunch without the bulge


This meal is like a healthy version of a fry up. Just as fabulously delicious without the high levels of saturated fat and salt which are a key feature of processed foods. This version is so much more fresh, energising and nutritious… so dig in!

People often associate bread with ‘bad’ food which is totally unfair. The only reason bread is sometimes given this reputation is because of the fatty and sugary spreads people tend to spread on it. Bread itself (as long as it’s not white) is a brilliant source of energy and keeps you feeling full for a long time. I have used this wonderful multi seed loaf here, also providing fibre and protein.

I have topped my toast with 2 scrambled eggs and smoked salmon making this a perfect post workout meal too. Sometimes I poach the eggs instead which also tastes amazing! The lightly fried mushrooms and tomatoes provide moisture and both contribute to your portions of veggies.

This brunch will certainly get anyone out of bed and provide a fantastic sustained level of energy. A great way to start the day.


2 Comments on “Ella’s food solution for… Brunch without the bulge

  1. Fantastic pic Ella – making food look appetising helps when one is trying to eat healthily. You always make your meals look great as well as taking care of nutritional issues – very proud of you.


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