Ella’s food solution for… A post-workout rebalance


Everyone loves the all-American PB&J sandwich and this healthier alternative allows you to indulge while actually hugely benefitting your worked muscles. It is very important to provide your muscles with nutrients after they have worked so that they can strengthen. I often plan my workouts so that I have a full meal afterwards but if this meal is going to be further than an hour away for whatever reason I will always have a snack right away to provide my body with the fuel it needs.

Peanut butter, as is the case with all nut butters, provides protein and fibre as well as providing omega-3 fatty acids but it is almond butter that provides this nutrition by the masses and per calorie, almonds offer more vitamins and minerals than any other nut which is why this is a great choice.

Instead of using jam, which has lots of added sugars and sweeteners, here I have used natural sugars by simply mashing a few raspberries and spreading them on top to give the deliciously sweet element. This adds more minerals to the snack and gives your body the sugar boost it needs after exerting itself. 

I have used a slice of soya and linseed loaf which is a brilliant source of calcium, carbs and fibre – a perfect rebalance complete.


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