Ella’s food solution for… Staying happy and healthy on holiday

Shrimp risotto

You’re on holiday so first things first – relax and enjoy. It is in no way good for us to worry about what we are eating but instead we should be mindful of what we are eating.This means making food choices which are in harmony with our desire to feel fantastic on holiday. Consider how the food will make you feel. The best foods and quantities will provide you with sustained energy and a wonderfully satisfied feeling from delicious flavours and an appropriate balance of food groups.

My number one rule about healthy eating is to eat whole foods, I believe this to be the very best way to a lead a healthy lifestyle and it is an easy guideline to follow. This means avoiding processed food. In hot countries especially, this may be easier than ever as fresh fruit and veg is so flavourful, having been sourced locally in its prime environment.

Being away in a foreign place is a great opportunity to try new foods. If the food is fresh, give it a go! If you are by the coast, it is likely that there will be plenty of fresh fish, a source of omega-3 and lean protein. Here, I tried the speciality dish – shrimp risotto with a bruschetta basket of leaves accompanied by peppered yogurt.

Also, a great way to make sure you get the most pleasure from your food while on holiday is to stay active. This is actually very easy to do. Walking/hiking is such a fun way to explore a new place and get the best views. You can also cycle, swim or compose a small circuit for yourself to be done everyday or three times a week or whatever level you choose. It can be made up of stretches, weight-bearing exercises or cardio, depending what it is you’re wanting to get from it. All will help you to feel your best and also work up an appetite for the new and exciting foods that await.


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