Ella’s food solution for… Sussing out smoothies


Smoothies have been under scrutiny and have left lots of people unsure as to whether they are a healthy or unhealthy choice. The thing about smoothies is that they condense the fruit and vegetable that they contain, so fruit-only smoothies will contain very high amounts of sugar. Therefore, fruit smoothies are fine every now and then but are not a good idea to consume often.

On the other hand, smoothies containing lots of vegetables don’t negatively raise blood sugar levels and provide only fantastic fuel for your body. By blending many nutritious ingredients together, we multiply the quantities of enzymes and minerals. Research shows that people who consume more than 7 servings of fruit and veg a day have a lower risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease than those who don’t. By eating green smoothies packed full with fresh fruit and (mostly) veg, getting seven portions will be easy.

Another reason smoothies are a good idea to incorporate into your diet is because by breaking up the ingredients, your body’s digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard to break it down. This saved energy can then be used for the other necessary functions around the body, so that it is working to its optimum helping you to feel your best.

Nutritious smoothies can contain whatever variety of green vegetables you wish, along with one or two pieces of fruit which cut through the taste of all the vegetables. This provides a very healthy and tasty drink which will energise and focus you.


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