Ella’s food solution for… Feeling sluggish


The food you eat is essential to the way you feel. Take charge and allow yourself to feel fantastic!

Unfortunately, even foods which contain lots of good properties may not be working their magic on you due to the way they’re cooked. Long cooking processes deplete the nutrients food contains, so the fact that many people feel lethargic, sleepy and even depressed after eating processed food is the body’s way of saying this isn’t a good way to eat. Eating fruit and vegetables raw, lightly steamed, or lightly sautéed will allow you to get the most nutrients from them as the wonderful vitamins and minerals they contain are still live and can be passed on to you. Eating food in this way, supplies you with the long-lasting energy your body needs to function at its best.


2 Comments on “Ella’s food solution for… Feeling sluggish

  1. Lots of veg lightly cooked – been working for me. All the tastier because Ella cooked it – many thanks xx


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