Ella’s food solution for… Powering through your 9-5


This week I started my work placement at a PR company which I am thoroughly enjoying. It is essential for me to be on point so that I can work efficiently, be focused on my tasks and come up with creative ideas. The best tactic for anyone to get their best work done is to fuel themselves with the right nutrients. This is just what I’ve done and I’ve loved my work experience and, of course, my lunch times!

When on a busy schedule, organisation is key. I always like to figure out many meals in advance so that I don’t waste food, money or time. So a brilliant tip is to use your weekend wisely because of course… a Sunday well spent brings a week of content! Take an hour on Sunday, at any point that suits, to prepare your food leisurely. I like to cook a big batch of either quinoa, brown rice or buckwheat which can then be kept in an airtight container in the fridge and be the base of my lunches for the next three days. As well as this, prepare a few portions of veg – wash, peel, grate, slice – do whatever you can and again keep these in containers in the fridge. This will make preparing your lunches so easy, it could be done while the kettle boils!

In my salad here, I have quinoa cooked with the juice of a lemon, chilli flakes and a splash of apple cider vinegar (the only alkaline forming vinegar – give it a go), along with grated carrot, steamed broccoli, sliced avocado, tomatoes, peppers and some juicy raisins and crunchy seeds. Truly delicious. Lunches like this fill me with energy and a whole host of essential vitamins and minerals along with fibre and protein. As well as my lunch, I like to make sure I’m prepared with snacks, whether it be a handful of nuts and seed, a piece of fruit or a delicious smoothie – they are all fantastic choices for keeping bloody sugar levels stable. It is this that keeps me on my toes all day, feeling energetic and ready to tackle my next challenge.

Mix and match by combining different ingredients. You can incorporate ingredients from your meal the night before. Don’t be afraid to put whatever vegetable is in your fridge into your salad. If you didn’t like it one time, have a go at cooking it a different way. Have fun experimenting and indulge in the powerful nourishment of tasty wholesome food.


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