Make it Happen


At this point, I feel like I’ve solved all the perceived food problems that I can! Over the past few months I’ve tried to show you how food can help you with all sorts, no matter what lifestyle you lead. I’ve provided ideas for students with those revision munchies, as well as helping workers power through their 9-5; I’ve posted on cooking for company, as well as food prep for yourself when eating on the go; I’ve even looked at the seasons and provided both warming winter wonders like soup and curry, as well as colourful and exciting salads. I do hope you have found these ideas helpful and it always makes me so happy when people tell me they have enjoyed my recipes!

I get asked a lot by different friends and family about ‘how to be healthy’ so from here, I’d like to broaden my blog. I’ve gone over many different specific meals, so you can look back at them if you are in need of a recipe, but now I’d like to help by providing tips on living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it. Everybody is different but I know I have found incredible benefits from eating natural whole foods which taste totally delicious and so I can share with you what works so well for me.


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