Healthy eating doesn’t need to be expensive

Making my own hummus
Making my own hummus

Very often I hear comments about how eating healthily is too expensive to do but actually this is a misjudged conception. Healthy eating does not need to be expensive at all, it just takes planning. Planning your meals, or at least having a rough guide, will ensure you don’t waste food. You can make things like curries, sauces, soups in large quantities for a low cost through buying ingredients in bulk and then they can be frozen so that you have a meal there for whenever you’re wanting something healthy and easy.

In order to get the most from your money and prepare delicious healthy food while working to a budget, you need to know where to spend. I always make sure I have a good stash of dried herbs and spices as these are essential for providing delicious flavour and they will last a very long time. One thing I do which saves lots of money is to travel to the cheapest stores. Even though I live literally next door to a Sainsbury’s, I travel to get to a cheaper supermarket and figure that even the extra cost and effort of getting there is well worth it when I can buy at least a third extra for the same price. This is what I would advise doing once a week for your big shop and load up on dry stores then get enough fresh food for the next few days. After that you can top up at the most convenient store for you. However if you’re making smoothies or juices, the fruit and veg does not have to be super fresh and of the perfect consistency as you are just going to blend it all anyway! Also, at home I like to buy my fruit and veg at a local market so if you can do this, it’s the best option in so many ways. By saving so much on these ingredients mean I’ve got more money for my superfoods!

I personally do sometimes splash out on certain ingredients but that is because I love the benefit of them so much and really enjoy creating all types of food; this is by no means an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. I choose to buy some very pure ingredients such as coconut oil and raw maple syrup as well as superfood powders like cacao, hemp powder, chia seed etc. I’ve actually now started a price comparison of my own though across different health food shops (as I do for supermarkets) to see which ingredients are cheaper where and I will only spend a lot if I can save a lot. For example, Holland and Barrett is always running different offers – last month it was the penny sale on some items, this month it’s buy one get one half price on all items! So be savvy and know what/when the offers are.

Fruit and vegetables make up a large part of a healthy diet and they tend to be inexpensive in comparison to plenty of other foods in the supermarket. I always buy bananas – they are so versatile, easy to eat on the go and of course they are so incredibly cheap! A great tip for berries which are packed with antioxidants is to buy frozen berries as these are cheaper and can last as long as you like in the freezer. Vegetables like tomatoes and carrots make great snacks as well as components to main meals so these are good options. If you buy a big bag of spinach for a certain meal just keep adding a handful to each meal after so you don’t waste any goodness! Spinach is such a rich source of vitamins and minerals and is perfect sautéed into pasta dishes and stir fries or incorporate into soups and smoothies.

Cooking yourself is always a cheaper option than eating out and this way you can ensure you are providing yourself with a healthy feast. As well as putting together full meals, this includes smaller elements like hummus, pesto and almond milk, all of which are cheaper to make yourself as well as being healthier and so easy to do. Hummus, for example, when made yourself will make a much bigger portion for a smaller price than a tub you would buy in the supermarket and it literally takes 2 minutes!

Finally though I would just like to point out that while I am one of the biggest bargain hunters on the planet, of all places you could invest your money, I think that your own health couldn’t really be a better choice.


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