Eating Out


So I’ve already discussed how to make the most of dining in and it generally comes naturally for people to enjoy dining out but I know that sometimes it can be stressful for those who want to stick with their usual healthy diet. Restaurants and cafes now offer so much variety that there shouldn’t be reason to worry, just the excitement of trying new food!

Two simple tips which can easily help you to navigate a menu and cut down on the options of what can often be a very hard decision is  1)  steer clear of fried food and  2)  opt for tomato based sauces over creamy ones. The most important thing is that you get the food you enjoy; enjoy in terms of taste and enjoy in terms of the way it makes you feel both while eating and later.

If you are choosing the location and wanting to find somewhere healthy, ‘HappyCow’ is a great website which can indicate options including vegetarian and vegan eateries near you. While you are being treated to the creativity of a professional chef, it’s a great idea to try out veg filled dishes which may inspire you to cook vegetables in a way you’d not before considered. It could be that you’ve tried something before and not enjoyed it, but when cooked in a different way might encourage you to reconsider.

Eating healthily shouldn’t be an isolating thing which prevents you from eating out and it doesn’t mean you must sacrifice healthy habits either. Balance is vital to a healthy lifestyle, so relax and socialise over tasty food that makes you happy.


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