Hot Jalapeño Hummus


Hummus is a great thing to have in your fridge, it brings moisture to meals and a fantastically filling element. I love adding a big dollop to bowls of quinoa and veg, raw salads as well as using it as a dip for things like carrots, peppers and roast sweet potato wedges. I used to buy pots of hummus from the shop before I realised how easy it is to make myself – it takes no time at all, it’s cheaper than buying from the shop and it’s also a lot more fun! I love experimenting with different flavours and I have found many wonderful mixtures. This particular blend adds a nice bit of spice to my meal which I love and it also has sweet tones of roasted pepper. Once you realise how easy it is to make your own hummus, you’ll never go back.

This famous dip is a fantastic source of protein and fibre thanks to its main ingredient – chickpeas. It leaves you feeling satisfied and energised which is a feeling that will last, rather than a spike in energy levels followed by a dramatic drop as is the case with lots of processed food. You can be sure you’re getting great quality nutrients by making your own hummus, without any unpleasant hidden ingredients.

1 can of chickpeas
1 pepper (I use red or yellow)
1 tbsp tahini
2 tbsp olive oil
1/4c water
1 lemon
Jalapeño slices
A handful of fresh basil leaves
A hefty shake of paprika and cumin
A sprinkling of salt and chilli flakes

I like to add about 7-8 jalapeño slices for the whole tub but if you’re not really a fan of spice just add a couple and you’ll still get the flavour. Slice your pepper into about 6-8 pieces and cook them in the oven for abut 15 minutes on 180 degrees. Blend all the rest of your ingredients before adding the roast pepper. Taste the mixture to see if you would like a little more lemon, jalapeño or basil and check if the consistency is how you like it. I actually don’t blend it for too long as I do like the odd small chunk of roast pepper or jalapeño but this is up to you. If it seems too thick add a dash of water but these proportions work perfectly for me.


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