Raw Refreshing Salad


Happy New Year! Over Christmas most of us tend to eat more than we usually would and today is the day lots of people decide to turn to a healthier regime. It is a good idea to get back on track with healthy habits but make sure you don’t put yourself under too much pressure or it will just feel horrible! The best thing to do is to create lovely fresh meals that you look forward to and that make you feel good about yourself. The Christmas period is often a time we eat the most cooked foods and it seems natural to eat that way when it’s cold outside. Cooked food can still be fantastic for us and some things are better prepared this way, however, I find it really beneficial to include lots of raw fruit and veg to my diet in order to feel my best. Eating raw allows us to get the most energy from the food we eat so this yummy salad should help to get that spring back in your step!


A large handful of Rocket
A large handful of Black Eyed Beans
5 Mushrooms
10 Black Olives
6 Cherry Tomatoes
Pine Nuts

For the Pea Puree:
1c Garden Peas
1tbsp Olive Oil

Simply add the rocket to your bowl with all the sliced veg before draining and rinsing the beans to add to the salad. For the puree, just add the peas, olive oil and the juice of your lime to your blender, along with salt to taste. As the peas are raw, it may not blend to a complete smoothness but I like it to have a slight bit of bite from their skins. Blend until you reach the consistency you like and then add to your colourful delight. Sometimes I like to toast the nuts a little to really draw out the nutty flavour. This salad will really treat your whole body; a great way to begin the new year.


3 Comments on “Raw Refreshing Salad

  1. Glad to see you’re on the case, Ella – keeping us all thinking healthy! Sounds great – but I have my fridge to empty first… may try a little later, like next week. I did get to the gym today and did my usual routine and swim so feeling quite virtuous anyway.

    Hope you’re all having a lovely, relaxing holiday together.


    Ruth x


  2. You’re welcome Karen, it’s really easy and will be perfect in the South African heat.
    That’s good Ruth, hope you get the chance to give it a go. Hope you had a nice Christmas xxx


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