Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce


Tomato sauce is such a classic and I feel that I’ve now nailed the perfect recipe – try this and you’ll be licking the bowl clean! There’s something so satisfying about slurping up all the deliciousness in this dish. Sometimes it can seem that buying a jar of sauce will be so much easier but honestly, this can be made in 5 minutes!

This meal is great for January when a lot of people are making an effort to look after themselves more but still want to enjoy their food. Getting pleasure from the food you eat is vital – if you’re trying to be healthier but eating bland food that doesn’t fill you, it won’t stick (and if it does it won’t be very fun!). However, this way you can enjoy a bowl of warming comfort food while filling yourself up on all sorts of goodness your body will thrive on!



3 Sun-dried Tomatoes
2 Salad Tomatos
1 large clove of Garlic
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Handful of Basil
Splash of Olive oil
A sprinkling of Dried Mixed Herbs

I love to sauté mushrooms with salt and pepper and toast pumpkin seeds or pine nuts to put on top.

Firstly cook your pasta or spirulize your courgette, then chop all the tomatoes and add to your blender. Blend with the herbs, olive oil and lemon juice. Fry your finely chopped garlic in a pan for a couple of minutes, and if you’re using courgette, now add this to the same pan to warm through and become softer.  Add the tomato sauce from the blender to a saucepan for a couple of minute so that can heat though too (if you’re cooking spaghetti, add the garlic from the flying pan to this saucepan). Add the spaghetti/courgetti to a bowl and top with your tomato sauce along with any toppings you fancy.

For any of you raw eaters, this can be enjoyed uncooked too, just add all ingredients to the blender and put it on top of the courgetti.


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