Poached Pears in Winter Spice and Coconut Milk


This breakfast looks and tastes so decadent yet I’ve made sure the price tag doesn’t match. It’s the perfect warming breakfast for these cold winter mornings and can also double up as a delicious desert recipe. If you’ve got a visitor, this is sure to impress.

As always it’s really healthy. This has 3 portions of fruit in and the herbs in this breakfast have wonderfully healing properties – they contribute towards an effective digestive system and fighting off bacterial infections, as well as helping to control blood sugar levels, soothe your stomach and prevent nausea. I know that many university students, like myself, have exams around this time of year so this is a great breakfast to settle any nerves while feeding your body and mind.


2 Pears
A handful of frozen Mixed Berries
A handful of Raisins
Half an inch of fresh Ginger
Half a can of Coconut Milk

I top mine with my homemade maple pecan granola which is a really nice addition as it adds some crunch to the lovely plump, soft fruits. Try adding granola or you could just sprinkle with some chopped nuts and seeds which would provide a great texture combination.

Firstly, peel the pears and cut them into bite-sized chunks. Place them in a pan with the berries before putting a small amount of coconut milk in. You only want enough to just cover the bottom which can be difficult to gauge at first as the milk may need to melt; just keep and eye on it for a minute while it does and you can always add a little more or tip a little out. The milk should only come up to about two centimetres from the bottom of the pan. Then, cut the ginger into tiny pieces and add this to the pan along with the cinnamon, syrup and raisins. Allow the mixture to cook for about 15 minutes while giving a stir every little while. The milk should have mostly evaporated by this time. Heat a little coconut milk in a pan for a couple of minutes and pour this on top of your stewed fruit bowl. Add all the crunchy toppings you desire and enjoy!


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