A couple of months ago I shared the recipe for my Berry and Baobab smoothie that is so delicious and a great one for beginners as it tastes so fruity that you forget you ever put spinach in! I thought it was time to post a green smoothie which doesn’t taste as sweet but you can always add a banana. This smoothie really does pack in so many nutrients and alkaline forming minerals which help your body to thrive at its optimum.

Making smoothies allows you to get so many raw vegetables that you’d be unlikely to sit and crunch on in such quantities. I often make my smoothie the evening before so that I can just grab it out of the fridge for a speedy breakfast or another great idea is to make double the quantity so you can have another the next day without the hassle.

I really love starting my morning with a smoothie and this recipe is so healthy, it makes me feel great. The avocado and flax seed add healthy fats and fibre which help to satisfy and provide energy. The cucumber and celery have such a high water content, if I don’t add these to my smoothies I need to use almond milk or water otherwise there won’t be enough liquid. I especially love adding ginger to my smoothies at the moment as I feel that it really kickstarts the day!

Serves 2:

2 Apples
1 Cucumber
4 stalks Celery
1 large handful of Spinach
1 inch fresh Ginger
2 small/1 large Avocado(s)

Hemp seeds
Flax seed
Chia seed

Firstly, peel the apple and cucumber to get rid of their skins and chop all of the ingredients. Add the cucumber and celery to your blender so that this becomes a liquid. After that you can all the rest of the ingredients to create a glassful of health.


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