img_19021.jpgI’ve had such a fantastic time celebrating my 21st and wanted to share with you how I treated my guests to homemade nibbles. I tend to have a big meal a couple of hours before going out  but as I was having friends over I thought it would be nice to put on a healthy spread and it worked so well! I think all these bits and bobs come together really well with a combination of sweet, savoury, light, more filling and altogether it’s not taxing to prepare even though it serves many. I did a similar spread two days later for my family and next week I will share one of the main dishes I prepared alongside these nibbles.

Ingredients (for 10):

1 portion of Hot Jalapeño Hummus (recipe already on blog)
10 Carrots
6 Celery Stalks

200g Almonds
2 tsps Maple Syrup
Paprika (I shake and shake and shake some more – depends how much you like the flavour)

200g Nuts
200g Medjool Dates
4 tbsp Raw Cacao
2 tbsp Nut Butter
2 tbsp Coconut Oil
2 tbsp Chia Seeds

1 punnet Black Grapes
Fresh Olives

First of all, I made my all time favourite Hot Jalapeño Hummus as it’s always a winner with everyone I serve it to whether or not they are interested in healthy eating – it’s just so tasty! So for dipping, I chopped carrots and celery.

I roasted nuts in my own flavourings to creating a yummy coating without any additives or salt which tends to be loaded throughout shop-bought versions. I added the maple syrup and paprika to the mix on a baking tray and made sure all nuts were covered then baked them in the oven for just over 5 minutes at 180 degrees. After allowing to cool, I transferred them to these homemade paper cones my mum made!

I made nutty cacao energy bites which everyone loved! I know I love them and don’t think I’ve found anyone who doesn’t. You simply mix all of the ingredients in a blender (almonds first) then roll into balls and let them sit in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Finally I added some gluten free lentil crisps for extra dipping devices, fresh green and black olives as well as black grapes which are always so juicy, they are a great addition.


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