My three years of studying and living in Manchester have finally come to an end so just before I leave I thought I should share with you my very favourite foodie spots that I have discovered along my way. Manchester has lots to offer on the food scene and I have certainly enjoyed eating my way around the city.

Healthy Spirit:

This has become my number one spot place for daytime delights. Healthy Spirit is in East Didsbury which is a 7 minute bus ride from my flat and just around the corner from where I used to work so it has been a great location for me. At Healthy Spirit there is a health food shop which further in turns into The Hub cafe. This is a vegetarian cafe which caters for vegans. The bread is sourdough, produced locally by the co-operative Uprising; the bread is naturally fermented and therefore easier to digest. The menu ranges from french toast and full breakfast with delicious home made dairy-free spreads to fresh juices and daily specials such a pepper, courgette and mixed bean tagine. It’s so peaceful here and all the food is made with local ingredients and lots of love.

The 8th Day:

This is a co-operative situated on Oxford Road opposite Manchester Metropolitan University. Upstairs they have a shop filled with all your foodie needs as well as a fresh deli. I have to say I’ve never actually bought anything from the deli but I’ll often be caught drooling while I queue for my shop goods. I have eaten downstairs at the cafe on numerous occasions though and enjoyed dahls, curries, juices and (pictured on the bottom right) vegan carrot cake with ginger icing – so delicious.

Love Juice:

This is a juice bar in Chorlton on Beech Road which offers a huge selection of superfood shots, smoothies and juices. It also offers a food menu including a special raw food menu. This is certainly a unique spot in Manchester and I love it. On my last visit I had an Alkaliser juice and a raw veggie wrap in seaweed; I left feeling totally revitalised.

The Unicorn:

This is a grocery in Chorlton which sells organic fruit and veg; so fresh and healthy. The Unicorn is a co-operative and has the best community feel to it. This place really has its philosophy in place: organic food, reused bags, as little packaging as possible, it promotes and supports fair trade and solidarity in cooperation. It’s a fantastic place to support for all these reasons and because the food is of such wonderful quality. As well as fruit and veg, there are shelves full of other store cupboard essentials such as nuts, oats, rice, dried fruit, nut butter, coconut oil, beans, pretty much everything you need!


In terms of restaurants, Green’s is a wonderful choice. I think the premises are lovely here and the food is beautiful. It’s totally vegetarian and marks on the menu for gluten free and vegan options. The chef, Simon Rimmer, designs a whole range of really exciting vegetarian food. Personally, I can never resist a curry if it’s on the menu and the roasted cauliflower, spinach and sweet potato Goan curry with pilau rice and tomato & coriander pickle does not disappoint!


Another restaurant I love is Albert’s. Throughout my time in Manchester I have made a fair few visits to this place and that is because, if I had to choose, I think I’d say it was my favourite restaurant in the whole of Manchester (and probably further!). There is one in East Didsbury (that I go to) and another in Castlefield. It’s great because it has something for everyone. Everything I’ve ever had here has been so tasty and couldn’t recommend it more highly. It’s such a stylish restaurant with a number of large round tables, perfect for larger groups. The a la carte menu is offered each evening, brunch on the weekends, a fantastic 2-course lunchtime deal and a special Sunday menu too. The fish is sustainably caught and everything is freshly made.


Finally I want to mention the delicious Indian restaurant Zouk. My only slight reservation with this place is that the food is so delicious that I always end up eating far too much! If you are more restrained (like I said, I can’t resist a curry…) you should definitely visit Zouk. Again, I’ve never had a bad meal here and I often go with my boyfriend and get lots of dishes to share so we really have tried a substantial number of dishes from the menu. Indian restaurants are always a great choice for vegetarians as there’s always lots of delicious veggie options. As well as this Manchester location, there is a Zouk in Bradford – good news for me as it mean I can keep going when I’m back in Leeds!


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