After 5 visits to this city I have certainly come across some great food! Madrid is actually a great place to visit that doesn’t have to compromise your healthy eating habits at all. With a fully gluten free bakery (amazing for coeliacs!), various juice bars and healthy restaurants as well as the fabulous Mercado San Miguel of fresh food, there’s plenty of choice of delicious whole food.

This entirely gluten free bakery is amazing. They serve slices of cakes, cup cakes, banana breads, cookies and a selection of savoury food. When I visited in the winter months and had been outside exploring all day we often took shelter here and it was always very popular. This is a must.

I’ve spoken about Federal once before in relation to my trip to Barcelona; both cities hold this fantastic cafe, perfect for a healthy brunch or late lunch. I have visited the Madrid location twice before but on this third trip they had their new summer menu which was even better than before. They now have a whole range of salad including this quinoa one I chose. The cakes still look great and I was happy they still served my favourite ‘Tommy’s Liquid Green’ smoothie. It’s great to know you’re getting lots of veg in one meal and don’t have to worry about it later in the day.

This shop serves homemade ice cream but also fresh juices, so perfect for this last trip which produced 40 degree heat! I tried the detox and the cleanser, both lovely green juices which were perfectly refreshing. On my last visit I discovered the downstairs seating area – it was full of comfy couches, air con and just the coolest vibe. Luckily for me, this place is actually a 5 minute walk from my boyfriend’s apartment!

Murrilo Café:
We ate here after I read the recommendation in Women’s Health magazine and I was not disappointed! This was actually one of my very favourite meals and the restaurant is right beside Museo Del Prado so made for a lovely walk home. We shared some tasty tapas dishes including homemade hummus and aubergine dips and then I had the fish papillote – amazing! I also treated myself to a slice of must-have carrot cake. I would definitely recommend an evening meal here.

This was a wonderful find on my last visit. This cafe is within the Mercano Anton Martin and so is very affordable. They serve a different set lunch menu everyday. On my visit I got a peach and tomato gazpacho, raw beetroot burgers and a bottle of water (could have been wine or beer), all for 9 euros!

Mercado San Miguel:
This is a fabulous market selling Spanish tapas, seafood, fruit, vegetables, antipasti and more! It has a great atmosphere and you know you’re getting the freshest of fresh. I kept myself stocked on such juicy medjool dates from here, my favourite.

Hope this guide to Madrid is useful. After my five visits I didn’t think I’ll be returning for a long time but after rethinking all of this delicious food I’m already tempted! Anyway, It’s time for me to head to my graduation today! Have a great week.


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