Leeds holds a special place in my heart and so I thought it was very important for me to do a post on eating in Leeds before I head off to Australia at the beginning of next week! I’m going to be away for a long time and the focus of my blog may change over the next few months as I learn lots more about nutrition and wellness which are going to be two real focuses of my trip. Australia is a place where many people love to look after their bodies; eating whole-foods and being active is a way of life over there (so I’m told) and I can’t wait to experience the culture myself! I will continue blogging and will let you know what I find.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite spots to eat which are useful for many readers: this selection caters for herbivores, omnivores, raw foodists and paleo diets – basically they all offer healthy options and are all delicious.

Mill Kitchen:
This cafe is in an old textile mill, hence the name, which is passionate about good food. They use local and organic vegetables and dishes are prepared freshly in the cafe. They serve a large brunch menu which creates a very tough decision for us diners. The lunch menu is equally inviting and there are new specials each day. The cakes here are rather special – each member of staff prepares one of the cakes and there is always a gluten free option and often vegan too. The menu as a whole has lots of gluten free options, such as buckwheat and banana pancakes (yum!) as well as many vegetarian and vegan options alongside the quality animal products.

Filmore & Union:
Filmore and Union is a Yorkshire-based chain that serves delicious, nourishing whole-food. Its menu reflects a paleo-style diet, including unrefined goodness full of protein, good quality carbohydrates and healthy fats. The Filmore & Union in Leeds is situated in the beautiful Victoria Quarter and their fresh juices and smoothies make a great pick-me-up during a hard afternoon’s work… shopping. The cakes here are also a must! They have a fantastic selection of moist, flavoursome treats including the vegan chocolate brownie (pictured top left), made of dark chocolate, kale and hemp protein. It sounds like a crazy combination of ingredients for a brownie but you really have to try it to understand how delicious it is!

Roots & Fruits:
I only came across this cafe recently but was so impressed by ‘The Whole Bowl’ which was like a healthy take on a Mexican medley. My bowl was made up of nutritious brown rice, creamy guacamole, coconutty sour cream, yummy black beans and the most delicious mango salsa. The whole thing came together so well and filled me up perfectly. The cafe is vegetarian and marks on the menu which dishes are vegan, gluten free and containing nuts. There are a selection of changing dishes on the specials menu which are always vegan and of great variety.

Now I must state straight away that this restaurant is not in Leeds but it’s in the neighbouring city, Bradford. However, it is well worth the journey. I felt I had to include this here as I wanted this blog post to focus on the places I love to eat at when I’m at home and Prashad is certainly one of them, if not my favourite! Indian food is often my first pick and this restaurant provides authentic dishes which taste divine. The staff are lovely and the chef always provides an amuse-bouche which really sets up the tastebuds for a night of bliss. This is a vegetarian Indian restaurant which again names the vegan options. Absolutely none of the dishes contain peanuts, sesame seeds, soybeans, celery, sulphur dioxide, lupin, eggs, fish, molluscs or crustaceans which is great for many allergy sufferers (such as my boyfriend who is seriously allergic to eggs and often is unable to order what he wants in a restaurant as eggs seem to creep into most dishes on conventional menus!). If you are around the Leeds/Bradford area and are a fan of Indian Cuisine then Prashad is a must!


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