So I’ve made it to Australia! I prepared a whole army of food to take with me on the mammoth journey and I’m so glad I did. I made my Protein Pesto Quinoa, Buckwheat Salad, Baobab Energy Bites and Protein Bars all from my blog! I also created some chocolatey energy balls (because who doesn’t need some choc in their life?) and also these raw ginger bars which I absolutely loved!

My two aims for my food (alongside being delicious and healthy) were to have a huge dose of vitamin C and to include many ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties. The baobab energy bites, along with the heaps of carrot and red pepper in my main meals provided me with lots of vitamin c which really helped me to fight off the germs and bugs that are inevitably circulating planes. In terms of anti-inflammatory ingredients, I used turmeric in the buckwheat salad and then incorporated loads of ginger which I love! I think it’s a wonderful spice and it’s such a strong flavour which is great when you’re eating at such high altitude as your tastebuds really aren’t as sensitive as they usually are. Often lots of plane food is very high in salt in order for you to get more of a flavour, however this will have the opposite effect and lead to retention.

These bars are deliciously sweet and aromatic with a lovely crunch and substance from the nuts. Pecans give a caramelly flavour so these really taste like such a treat – the whole plane will be jealous! I have to say I felt pretty smug with all my yummy homemade treats and I can tell you that they really helped me to feel better.


1c Pecans
1c Medjool Dates
2 inch piece of Fresh Ginger
2 tbsp Almond Butter
1 tsp Cinnamon
3 tbsp Chia Seeds

Blend the pecans and peeled ginger in a food processor for about 20 seconds before gradually adding the almond butter, cinnamon, chia seeds and pitted dates. Press the mixture into a baking tray – into the corners and flat across the top. Put the mixture in the freezer for an hour to set before cutting into bars. These are perfect for taking on any kind of journey as they hold together well and can last outside of the fridge.


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