I’m having an incredible time here with my best friend (also called Ella) discovering so much culture and wildlife and we feel so lucky to be experiencing it all. On top of that, the food here is just my haven. There are health food stores all over the place and so many healthy cafes. What’s best is that even the standard supermarkets offer lots of healthy whole-food. Of course there is fruit and veg, which can be found in any shop around the world, but they also tend to stock a large organic and gluten free range. We’ve been enjoying The Chia Company pots with mango or vanilla as they’re so easily portable, perfect for travelling. We also have some quinoa pots ready for our next greyhound bus journey along with nuts, fruit and energy bites we bought from a health food store.

Although we’ve mostly been cooking our own meals, we’ve also come across some amazing cafes throughout the first part of our travels and I’d love to share them with you in case you ever find yourself on this side of the world.

Healthy Life (Sydney):
We flew to Sydney and had a one night stop over before flying up to Cairns in the afternoon. On that first morning in Australia I went to sort some things out with my bank and on my way in between two different stores, I stumbled across Healthy Life which of course I couldn’t resist. This shop was filled with health food and also had a deli counter which offered food and smoothies. I chose to create my own organic smoothie and it was so creamy and delicious. I had coconut milk, kale, peanut butter and frozen banana which I took with me to Sydney harbour, just a 5 minute walk away. The smoothie certainly helped me through that first day of jet lag and continued travel.

Active Life (Cairns):
After we flew up from Sydney we properly began our trip in Cairns, a beautiful town with many healthy spots to enjoy. We went on a day trip out to the Great Barrier Reef which was a fantastic experience, nevertheless we did experience some sea sickness and after getting off our boat back at the harbour we came across an ice cream parlour offering fresh juices and smoothies. I picked up a tasty Liver Cleanse juice and it brought me back to life. Cairns is not short of healthy options. Also, cairns offers free exercise classes with Active Life. We got up early on the Saturday we spent there and jogged along the esplanade as the sun was rising; it was beautiful. We first took part in a meditation class where we sat on the grass as the birds sang around us and enjoyed a guided meditation. It was so perfect for me as I’d been having such trouble sleeping, partly jet lag and partly overwhelming excitement. I really needed to steady my mind and bring myself back into the present, instead of thinking back to what we’d done and what was to come. Of course it is great to be so excited but it shouldn’t have a detrimental effect on sleep which is crucial to wellbeing and after this class I felt so much better and able to enjoy rest as well as activity. After this we took part in a HIIT class which was an hour long including skipping, press ups, burpees, planks etc etc. It was great and we really felt the burn! We felt so good jogging back at only 9am having done so much.

Healthy Harvest (Mission Beach):
We made a one day stop at Mission Beach on our way down to Airlie Beach and we were so glad we did. We found this picturesque cafe situated a couple of streets back from the beach which was practically empty while we were there – our very own paradise. Health Harvest is a health food shop as well as a cafe, surrounded by lush green plants and flowers. We both ordered the Mediterranean sandwich which was made up of toasted sourdough bread and filled with avocado, aubergine, olives, artichoke and goats cheese – I asked for it without the cheese and instead was offered cashew cream cheese which was great. We stocked up in the shop with goodies for the next few days of travel with energy bites (fig & pistachio and coconut & cacao), spirulina buckwheat noodles and a big bag of carrot and flax seed corn chips.

Bohemian Raw Cafe (Airlie Beach):
This is such a beautiful cafe that sits overlooking the south marina. I watched the world go by while relaxing in a cotton hammock, eating a Jaffa Acai bowl made with Acai, banana, coconut nectar, cacao, wild orange essential oil and coconut water, topped with kiwi, strawberry and muesli… what dreams are made of. These organic bowls are worth the trip alone but the cafe also offers an amazing range of smoothies, coffees, teas, raw cakes, boho balls and even raw doh’nuts! All the cakes are gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free. Sunshine, blue sea, relaxed atmosphere and delicious healthy food – bohemian raw cafe has got it all. We were told that they have another cafe in Brisbane so we will certainly be making a visit there later in our travels.

Finally, I wanted to offer a word of warning: the sun here is extremely strong due to a hole in the o-zone layer right above Australia. I had been told this before coming out but didn’t realise quite to what extent this would manifest itself. I have since bought a factor 50+ for my body and one for my face and feel a lot better. Enjoying healthy food and an active lifestyle is fantastic but it’s also so important to keep your skin healthy and protect it from the powerful rays. This way the sun can be thoroughly enjoyed in all its glory.


One Comment on “Travel: East Coast Australia

  1. I had heard about the sun too…I don’t know which one is worst the sun or the toxic sunscreen.. haha!!! just started following you, I have a vegan recipe/lifestyle & Cruelty-free beauty Blog as well,
    so glad I found your blog & Happy to connect with you 🙂


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