Our journey has continued further down the coast and I have experienced more nourishing food and experiences at new destinations. Since leaving Airlie Beach we have done a 3 day camping trip on Fraser Island before travelling down to Noosa, through the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and finally Sydney which is where I will now be staying and finding work! I have thoroughly loved my time travelling and it’s on to an exciting new chapter for me now.

Fraser Island:
This trip consisted of 3 days solidly in the outdoors, full of activity and fun. The beautiful Lake Mckenzie is surrounded by pure silica sand which I exfoliated my whole body. My skin will have inevitably dried in the sun yet this exfoliation, followed later by a lathering in aloe vera gel, really softened and rehydrated it. This gel feels so lovely on the skin and it’s so gentle and healing.

Sunspace Cafe (Doonan):
After our camping trip, we travelled down to Noosa for a couple of nights and totally loved it. Doonan is a 10 minute drive from Noosa and is worth the visit for Sunspace Cafe which is situated in gardens growing their own fruit, veg and herbs. These gardens also host gardening classes, teaching people how to replicate something similar in their own garden, encouraging a locally sustainable lifestyle. The food is made with quality ingredients prepared in ways to optimise nutritional properties. I had the homemade sprouted granola with coconut yogurt and seasonal fruit. This generous portion (pictured top right) tasted delicious and was clearly artistically presented.

Kunara (Caloundra):
We then travelled down through the Sunshine Coast and stayed in Caloundra. Kunara is an organic supermarket there offering a huge range of produce. They have a pick ‘n’ mix style for things like grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chocolate and flours, as well as aisles full of dried food such as pasta, crisps, crackers, nut butters and so much more. It’s great because you can get so much ‘conventional’ food but made in a much healthier way than those that lots of us are more used to. For example, the crisps may be made from gluten free grains such as quinoa and buckwheat and flavoured with more natural sauces such as tamari and sea salt. These much less processed alternatives are so much fresher and better for our bodies. They also taste amazing! Next to the shop there is a cafe offering melas, smoothies, hot drinks and lots of drool-worthy sweat treats. I enjoyed a hot cacao made with almond milk before leaving this wonderful place behind.

Greenhouse cafe (Caloundra):
I have followed this cafe on Instagram for so long and actually had no idea how close we were to it. It was only when a friend, local to the area, suggested going there and the name really rang a bell that I had a quick search on Instagram and found it was one of my favourite pages! I was really excited to get to visit this vegetarian cafe and it was just as lovely as it looks on camera. The cafe has painted wooden chairs and pretty flowers; it had a light, fresh feel, perfect for the food it serves. I ordered their special which was a tofu burger. I don’t usually eat tofu but it was nice to try and the burger was so tasty and filling. This was just the meal I needed before our last greyhound bus taking us down to Brisbane…

Kiss the Berry (Brisbane):
On the evening of our first day in Brisbane it was forecast to rain so we decided to enjoy a much needed night of rest. The next day was glorious sunshine and we had such a fun day. First, we went to Eat Street markets which are on on a Friday and Saturday night as well as a Sunday from 10-3. The food looked so tasty but wasn’t really breakfast food so we saved ourselves for South Bank which we knew was full of cafes and restaurants. We got a ferry there which was a great experience as it was like getting a mini tour of Brisbane and got to come into the city by water. We got off at the stop for South Bank and Kiss the Berry was hardly a 5 minute walk away. We just followed the river and the tubs of Acai that we started seeing. We both picked the Snickers Delight Acai bowl and picked up a blanket to enjoy a picnic on the grass. It tasted amazing; I’m going to make the most of all the Acai bowls available in Oz because they are so good for you and taste like a big bowl of ice cream! In fact, the berry is considered to be one of the most powerful and nutritious super food on the planet! It’s a powerful antioxidant and is high in essential fatty acids while somehow being low in sugar, therefore it makes an amazing breakfast (although I could probably enjoy this morning, noon and night). We ate next to the wheel of Brisbane with a man playing gorgeous music beside us (what a way to spend a morning!). We then took a ride on the wheel and had a great view of the city. We spent the rest of the day exploring the markets, following the flower entwined arches and relaxing at Sunday sessions on the green (live music by the river). Brisbane can now be added to the ever growing list of Australian towns and cities that have impressed me.


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