Here it is, the post I’ve been working on for a long time, my account of the place I love most: Bondi. A large part of the reason I wanted to live in Sydney, and in particular, Bondi, is because of the healthy lifestyle; it’s normal for people to be up at the crack of dawn to catch the first wave or get to that sunrise bootcamp session by the beach; it’s perfectly acceptable to wander through the street with your yoga mat after class and it’s absolutely ordinary to see parents treating their young ones to fruity smoothies and raw desserts as opposed to processed ‘treat’ style food. It’s a dream come true.

Throughout my time travelling through different parts of Australia I have found it really easy and massively enjoyable to stick to healthy eating because, as shown in my recent blog posts, there is so much choice everywhere I go and not only in health food cafes but also regular cafes and even the big, everyday supermarkets. Now that I’m in Bondi, it’s got even better! On each corner there are trendy cafes that are filled with delicious, healthy food and each one has its own quirky edge. The beautiful blue skies, sandy beaches and blazing sunshine really inspire the most healthy lifestyle.

I’ve been stopping at various spots for a cup of fresh chai, home brewed teas, raw desserts and some outstanding meals! I’ve composed a list of my favourite places to tell you about including organic groceries and shops, juice bars, raw food cafes and paleo-style eateries.

Lox Stock & Barrel:
This place is always buzzing and it’s no wonder why. With a simple, somewhat rugged design, this cafe has a rustic charm that pulls you in the front door. There is outside seating at the front and also in a back courtyard so that the enjoyment of sunny days can be part of your dining experience. The kitchen at Lox smells extra delicious due to the fact that they bake all their own bread which is then topped with lashings of loveliness, whether it be jam, butter, cream cheese, ricotta, feta, vegemite, lebne or hummus. Their almond milk is also prepared in-house meaning that it is super fresh and has no preservatives in there to make it long-life. A true Lox special is the Bowlarama: a combination of intense flavours and contrasting textures. The bowl is made up of poached eggs, daikon carrot, fermented cabbage, pickles, avocado, spicy roasted nuts, seaweed, kale, hummus, sprouted quinoa toast and miso dressing. It is decadent and delicious and is available until 3pm everyday of the week.

The Health Emporium:
A wonderful collection of all things healthy – organic fruit and veg; raw chocolate; gluten free flours, grains and breads; organic, free range meat and dairy and a cafe that makes the most delicious superfood smoothies, nourishing grass fed beef bone broth, raw vegan desserts, fresh juices and organic savoury nibbles like rice balls, mung bean frittas, rice paper rolls and frittatas. It also has its own herbal dispensary, available to be dispatched only by qualified naturopaths that work in the store. This all round Bondi favourite really is an emporium and is situated on Bondi Road towards the beach. I personally would highly recommend the banana chia smoothy: aromatic, sweet, creamy, delicious.


Porch & Parlour:
Porch is a hotspot for all Bondi hipsters. It’s the place to go and be seen sipping on a fresh juice or a mug of steaming hot cappuccino, made by one of Bondi’s best baristas. The sun beams through the open front so you can take in the comfort of the inside while appreciating the reliable sunny weather. Fresh fish, nutrient dense greens, perfectly poached eggs and lashings of avo make up a large proportion of the quintessential Aussie brunch menu here at Porch & Parlour. Come Wednesday, the place also opens for nighttime where you can order house spirit mixed with fresh juice or perhaps a glass of red. The evening menu comprises of an array of inventive combinations topped off with house relishes, jams and dressings.

Bondi Wholefoods:
The infamous Bondi Wholefoods sits on Hastings Parade, tucked a 5 minute walk back from Bondi Beach. This small store has a faithful following of Bondi locals as well as visitors passing through. This organic store is a cafe/shop/small grocers combined, meeting many needs. Although small, the menu is almighty. One of my favourite things about this cafe is that breakfast, as we all know as the most important meal of the day, goes on until 3pm. One very hot day last week I was enjoying a relaxed beachy day until I became restless at the thought of a refreshing, fruity acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) bowl. To my horror, I realised it was already past 2pm and for an early rising suburb like Bondi I thought I would have to kiss my dreams of a breakfast bowl at this hour goodbye… but no, Bondi Wholefoods to the rescue. I raced over to the cafe and ordered what was actually one of the most amazing bowls I have ever eaten. The acai berry mix was topped with such a delicious almond and cinnamon granola, organic coconut and organic seasonal fruit. Honestly, it was incredible and I will be returning again and again. I am actually lucky enough to be living with two people who work at the cafe so have had the time to try and test many dishes and they highly recommend the shakshuka – next on my list.


Earth to Table:
This place is infamous for its innovative and exciting dishes. This is where cutting edge nutritional information is put into practice, presented on your plate in such artistic ways. Earth to table is a raw, vegan cafe which serves breakfast and lunch along with a wide choice of drinks. They serve juices and smoothies as well as coffees which are never heated above 70 degrees. The cakes here are outstanding and customers cannot help but pause for true appreciation (and perhaps a snap for Instagram) before delving into a taste sensation. The raw cakes include strawberries and creme, mojito mousse and caramel slice and can be served with house made, dairy free, delicious ice cream.

Orchard St:
This company has 3 different locations, one in Bronte, another in Paddington and of course Bondi. The store is so beautiful, painted white outside and in with brown wooden furniture and pretty cushions and rugs. They sell fresh bottled juices and nut mylks as well as probably the most beautiful raw cakes I’ve seen! They have a huge tea and hot drinks selection too. I visited the store one day soon after making my own protein filled smoothie so I wanted something light and the she-tea was perfect; it’s great for women as it helps to balance hormones. It’s made with raspberry, rosehip, shatavari, ginger, rose petals, nettle, peppermint and alfalfa. Each tea is designed by naturopaths and is specifically healing; there are teas for energy, detox, calm and digest.

It’s hard to believe that all of this lives in Bondi but the truth is that there is this and so much more! All you need is a stroll along the beautiful streets that lay behind Bondi each to come across something amazing. With so many options around, I wanted to compose a list of the very best I’ve found!


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