While I was doing the modern yogi project we were given weekly questions which we reflected on and then would feedback and discuss together the next week. One week the question ‘where do you feel most playful in life?’ really stumped me.

As children we enjoy the present moment to the fullest, not being constrained by negative emotions like worry and fear which limit our abilities to be playful. As adults we can forget to allow ourselves to play even though it’s such a wonderful thing.

Playful activities such as splashing in the ocean, chasing people through the grass and swinging from a big tree can all be enjoyed by people who have been granted the gift of movement – take advantage! Imagine if tomorrow you lost the use of your legs and hadn’t taken your chance to hop, skip and jump…

Yoga is a great way of bringing playfulness into our lives while cultivating a wonderful practice. Although yoga can take lots of concentration and focus of the mind, the key aim is to break free of the adult boundaries we create for ourselves within our minds. We may tell ourselves that we aren’t the type of people who can do arm balances, confidently make presentations or move to another country and so we don’t, but if we stop closing down our opportunities, our abilities and life choices become endless.

Was there ever a better time to say ‘the world is your oyster’? What starts with playfulness turns into a brave attitude towards life as we don’t overthink our decisions when they come with a risk but we dive into them and go at it with our whole heart. Take that leap of faith; try the balance, stand confidently, make the move.


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