As it’s holiday season for my friends in the UK, I thought I’d share some simple tips that I go by to keep hold of my healthy lifestyle while travelling. I am currently two and a half months into my backpacking trip through South East Asia and the truth is that here, I simply cannot stick to my usual habits and this may be the case for you too. We’re not made of money and you don’t want every moment to focus on what you are going to eat that day. That being said, you certainly don’t have to throw all your healthy eating habits out of the window. I have made a list of some of the things that I do while travelling in order to help me to feel good without compromising other areas and hopefully they can work for you too, whether you’re holidaying in Spain for a week or taking on a 6 month travelling trip.

1)Be flexible and kind to yourself
I have put this as number one as I truly believe it to be the most important aspect of feeling healthy. This period of travel isn’t going to last forever; when you are back into a routine you can regain your usual healthy eating habits. For now, do the best with what you’ve got by picking your battles

2) Stick to fresh* foods

In terms of street food, which there’s a lot of in Asia, it may not use a particular oil that you like to fry in but it’s being cooked in front of you, this is a lot better than dried, packaged foods that have a crazy long use by date due to all sorts of chemicals and additives.

*by fresh here I don’t necessarily mean raw; food tends to be washed in tap water which in many places, shouldn’t be consumed; cooking food kills bacteria making it less likely to cause any problems.

3) Find out useful phrases such as ‘no sugar’, ‘I’m vegetarian’ and ‘vegetables’

You can simply google translate words like this and present them to stalls and cafes if you don’t feel comfortable saying them.

4) Do your research

I think that most cities now have vegetarian/vegan eateries and health food spots so while you are in more built up areas you can treat yourself to some healthy delights.

5) Take a daily probiotic and multivitamin

Probiotics designed for travel can help fight parasites. When put into a new environment your body may need an extra hand to deal with the new bacteria its faced with. A multivitamin will help top you up on any nutrients your diet may be lacking.

Happy travels!


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