This is one thick indulgent shake that I cannot get enough of. Cardamom has overtaken cinnamon lately in the quest to become my most used spice. It’s so delicious, especially when paired with vanilla.

The vanilla in this smoothie comes from the paleo protein I’ve been eating, it’s mixed with organic vanilla bean and stevia so has a sweet taste. However, if you have a protein powder without such an appealing flavour you can mimic this one here by adding vanilla and your choice of sweetener, perhaps stevia or coconut sugar.

This is a good shake to have an hour or two before a workout as its full of healthy fats providing you with lots of energy. I like having some time to enjoy this alongside an amazing book such as ‘Bringing Yoga to Life’ – highly recommend!

1 small frozen Banana
1-2 tbsps Avocado (as the sizes of avos vary so much)
2-3 tbsps Protein Powder
1 tsp Ground Cardamom
1 tbsp Almond Butter or any other nut butter
Rice Milk or any other non-dairy milk (the amount depends of the consistency you like)

1 tsp Vanilla Powder
1 tsp Stevia or Coconut Sugar

A sprinkling of Coconut to top.

Add all the ingredients except the nut butter to the blend and create a smooth consistency. Check if you’d like more milk or if you want it thicker, add a little extra avo. At this point add the almond butter for a quick last whizz; this creates a super creamy blend and you get to have cheeky big dollops of almond butter mmmm.



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