I’m so lucky to have the wonderful Byron farmers markets every week. Unfortunately it’s on one of the days I study but I go out of my way to get there and make it work by either getting up really early, riding there, stocking up, cycling home with a backpack and basket full, unload, then straight back out for a day full of yoga; or I continue onto school and ask them to put my goods in their fridge but then have an even further way to travel with all my precious produce.

It really is worth finding a local market though for many reasons. Buying fresh from farmers means that your money is going to the people who earned it by producing that food, instead of adding in a whole chain of ‘middle men’ who all, of course, need paying too. This encourages both a fair payment to the supplier as well as a good deal for the customer. Also, by cutting out all this transport from farm to warehouse, to store, to home, we minimise emissions from transportation and of course, we save a whole load of time, meaning that the food is on our plate while it’s still super fresh and nutritious. You’re much more likely to get better quality for lower price at a farmers market where often the produce will be organic, or if not certified organic, it may still be spray free. This isn’t just fruit and veg but I also get pecan butter, flowers, cashew cheese, brown rice, eggs, macadamia butter, sauerkraut, honey, sprouts, chocolate and bread (-this list could go on and on!) from local businesses and farms. Be inquisitive and ask about the conditions of the goods you’re buying, I’ve found it really interesting learning more about food from stall holders; often people love telling you about the process of yielding their product and it shows that it’s been done with love and care.

On top of all this, one of my favourite things about a good farmers maket is the atmosphere. Markets around here are so fun with a real community vibe. People come together, enjoy local live music, meet, chat, drink coffee/juice, eat good food and shop for their weekly food and flowers in a way that supports their fellow community members, all working together to thrive and prosper.

Research, explore, enjoy.


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