While I’ve lived in Byron Bay this past year I’ve worked at a smoothie bar in called Bare Blends and I’ve absolutely loved it! We’re soon to be incorporating a big display fridge of raw treats so we wanted to expand our recipes. The owner told us smoothie bar girls to have a play and get creative so that’s exactly what we did! I made these treats that look so much like jam tarts they make me think of home when I was young. I gave some to a few customers to try, including the gorgeous Alexz from the Bare Balance and she told me that I HAD to share the recipe. So here it is my friends…

Tart base:
1c Cashews
1c Almonds
10 Medjool Dates
2 tbsp Cashew Butter
Salt (best quality)

1c Frozen Berries
2tbsp Cashew Butter

Blend all the base ingredients in a food processor until the mixture is soft and sticky. Press it into a cupcake baking tray to make the mould. Place in the freezer while you blend the filling ingredients then put this into the base and the whole tray back into the freezer for an hour. After this setting period, they can be kept in the fridge (and eaten!). By the way, you may choose to split the ‘base’ ingredients in half and make a fondant style tart instead mmmm.


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