Where do I start…

Byron is, I think, the most special place I’ve ever been to, never mind lucky enough to live in. I remember when I was coming to the end of my travels last year after traveling in Australia, living in Sydney then travelling Asia, and I decided to take a ‘holiday’ in Bali on my way back to Australia. It hadn’t really been a place I’d wanted to go, imagining it being filled with Aussie tourists, nevertheless thought it’d be a nice place to relax. When I arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised and found this tropical paradise to be filled with beauty. Ubud was where I spent most of my time as it is filled with yoga and delicious, wholesome, healthy food. A place like this draws many like minded individuals and I really enjoyed meeting people here. However, as much as I enjoyed wandering the streets and the surrounding rural areas, I remember feeling excited to get back to Byron which had all of this and more, mainly: the ocean.

Byron and the surrounding hinterland is truly stunning: vast blue ocean, rolling green hills, lush tropical forests and the best weather I’ve ever known. The sun almost always shines and is only interrupted by dramatic, exciting storms with gushing rain and opportunity to rest and go inward. There are so many healers and spiritual wizards here that can open your eyes to vast opportunity and wonder.


I have spent the past year here studying yoga. I have just graduated with a level 1, 2, 3 and Cert 4 in yoga teacher training from Byron Yoga Centre, a course I would recommend without hesitation. During this time I have expanded my awareness and  taken a real interest in ayurveda, Chinese medicine and zen Thai shiatsu to name a mere few. There are endless events, workshops, film screenings, women’s circles, cacao ceremonies, card readings, dances, gigs, meditations, satsangs and so much more. Your creativity is sure to be sparked in Byron.


This coastal town is particularly known for hosting surfers and yogis. There are endless waves and numerous yoga studios (including ‘surfers yoga’). But don’t feel like you have to have a purpose here setup in your head before arriving. In fact, I think so many somewhat lost wanderers ‘find themselves’ in Byron, a very clichéd term I know, yet I think it fits here.

Modern city life encourages us to become part of the rat race, rushing through the days working to get to the top, waiting for the weekend, and then what? I think the people supposedly at ‘the top’ probably aren’t the most fullfilled, but it’s the people who’ve actually taken the time to get to know themselves, discovering their passions and finding out what it is that lights them up. The lifestyle in Byron really encourages this and there are endless opportunities for people to share their creative side whether it be music, writing, yoga, dance, art, marine conservation, sustainable fashion, food, farming, film, herbal crafting, oil blending, pottery making, paper machéing… The list is endless!

I cannot recommend a visit to Byron enough. My year here has given me so much, it’s hard to puts into words. The people I’ve met here have inspired me in ways I would never have imagined. It is such a special community that I feel so blessed to have been a part of and I so look forward to sharing what I’ve learned beyond the Byron borders and I hope it will be a part of me always. I will certainly return.


I could share hidden bush walks, kayaking adventures, epic picnic spots, crystal treasure chests, hinterland getaways, beautiful beaches and more but that would prevent you from paving your own unique path here. After all, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.


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