These past couple of weeks I’ve been saying yes. Yes to walks, yes to spending time with others, yes to visiting waterfalls, yes to afternoon exercise (when I created a story in my head that I only exercise first thing), yes to going on boat trips, yes to road trips, yes to eating out, yes to pretty much all of the things that irrationally present fear inside.

Why would anyone say no to fun with friends? Basically it all comes down to our deep insecurities that quite frankly are total pests that no-one invited to the party that is our life!

Let’s tell them to f*****g BEAT IT. We are the true deciders, controllers and thought entertainers. A thought comes up, let it go, don’t hang on to it and let it take you for a ride. You are the master of your own existence.

These past few weeks have genuinely been some of the most fun weeks of my life, I’m not exaggerating. I’ve made a conscious effort to reach out to others and be fully open when others reach out to me. The universe has granted me with inspiring humans, stunning nature and the energy and ability to explore and discover… it’s always there and always has been, it’s about how much we can appreciate what we’re already a part of.

The thing you practice is the thing that becomes stronger. Practice saying yes. Practice being open to new places/activities/people. Practice being authentically you and the rest will fall into place.







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