Preparing my food for work or travel is really important to me. There are many reasons for this and below I’ll discuss the main three.

  1. WASTE

Buying food out and about leads to waste. Obviously if you’re buying take-away food then it comes in single use packaging, but even if you’re eating at a cafe, you never really know what environmental morals the business stands by. They could be buying all of the ingredients from companies that plastic-wrap their produce. I don’t think people should never go out but it’s about habits – eating out can be a treat/a way to socialise, but everyday eating can be done in a more responsible way.

We have the choice to consciously buy our own loose ingredients, supporting local grocers/farms/markets which do not add fuel to the fire that we’re currently in. The climate crisis is real and we decide how we impact on that every single day. Don’t be fooled by terms like ‘degradable’, ‘compostable’ and ‘eco’-whatever written on your packaging. Single use is single use and this is something that can easily be avoided. Provide your own containers, bring your own utensil, know that you can make a big difference! Just think, if you currently buy one single use packaged food item every day of the week… then you were to stop that… image the amount of waste over the next year that you can save! By not investing in this fast-food, fast-everything culture, we are lessening the huge stress that all of our resources are under (recyclable doesn’t equate to ‘good’).


Cooking your own food from scratch means you know exactly what’s in it. We all know now how many additives and preservative that are added to most ‘fast-food’ these days. I’m not referring to  greasy chains here, but hummus in a plastic pot or a veggie wrap in a paper/plastic bag… 

It’s absolutely not just about the ingredients. The energetics of food are so important to overall health. At home you can prepare your nourishment in a calm, loving space, filled with positive intentions to save the planet and maintain your vitality. You want to tend to your unique dwelling place with warming spices and home-cooked sustenance that nourishes from the inside out. Buying on-the-go can mean buying food that was literally made in a factory… by a machine. 


Getting creative in the kitchen is fun! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy or difficult, it’s just about tuning in and listening to what it is that your body wants. I don’t plan out my meals for the week, I just look at what veggies I have in by that time and utilise them in any way I can. You can grate, steam, fry, roast, blend, toast or simmer your ingredients to make something delicious. Spices are a cook’s best friend, adding tons of flavour and excitement to your meals.

Imagine a long day at work or on a seemingly never ending commute during your travels; would you prefer to eat a meal lovingly made by yourself that has had time and care put into it or a fast packed plastic-wrapped salad box from a chain cafe? 

When we become more centred, we become more aligned with what it is that our body truly desires; that which helps it to find balance. Getting in touch with your own food is a great way to aid this connection. Let’s create a relationship with the fruits of the earth we are so lucky to have access. Be present with food from sourcing to preparing to eating.


Here’s a very simple prep session from last weekend. Sundays are an important day for me to set-up for the week ahead. I work 9-5pm Monday to Wednesday and also teach yoga both Monday and Wednesday night after work. On top of that, I stay over at my workplace on a Monday night, therefore, Sunday I get prepped!

On Fridays my Abel & Cole delivery arrives, sans plastique, and full of organic goodness! Do your best to source food that doesn’t come in single use packaging to pave the way for the future. Invest in the farmers, grocers and companies that you want to support with your hard earned cash.

Makes about 3 portions:

1 large Sweet Potato
1-2 Broccoli
1 400g tin Chickpeas
Olive oil (highly recommend A&C organic cold-pressed 1 litre bottle!)
Salt (/tamari if you have it)
1 Lemon

Simply rinse and cube the (whole!) sweet potato and add to a baking tray. Drizzle in olive oil and add your favourite spices (I like cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, ground coriander, paprika, garam masala… there’s load more I like and I go heavy on the spices!). Roast for about 15 minutes then add the broccoli (stalk and all) with a plash more oil and tamari if you have it. Leave to cook for another 10 minutes before adding the drained and rinsed chickpeas, along with some more olive oil and spices/herbs and leave to cook for another 20 minutes. Check that all of the veggies have oil and spice and give it a turn around once or twice to allow for even baking.

Assemble a good handful of fresh spinach in your lunchboxes then top with the roast veggies. In the morning or before eating I top with some fresh lemon, a slosh of olive oil and salt.

*Note: I added everything to one tray for the photo but this was cooked over two trays; the veggies shrink during the roasting process

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