Hi! I’m Ella and I’m delighted you’re here…

I hope to provide you with something to take away, whether it be a recipe for tonight, a travel tip for next month or a piece of accessible yogic philosophy for life. I have been running this blog for years and it continues to evolve along with me…

I moved to Australia immediately after graduating university and delved deep into my study of yoga. After practicing and studying with yoga studios in Bondi Beach, while working with organic food, I moved to Byron Bay to dedicate a full year to my (never ending) study of yoga, gaining 800hrs of yoga alliance certified training (level 1, 2, 3 & Cert 4). I have since taught at yoga studios in Australia, England, Denmark, Croatia and Morocco and currently reside in the northern beaches of Sydney.

Crafting delicious, nourishing food is my second love (although came to me years before yoga) and I have had experience in many food settings from organic health food stores to raw food kitchens to luxurious smoothies bars in the number one health hub of Australia. I create plant based meals in the hope of feeding all of the senses, not only taste. For me, food is an all sensory opportunity… opposing colours and textures can make something beautiful, sounds of pots and pans in the kitchen can give that warm familiar feeling and when you smell an exotic spice, it has the power spike excitement and curiosity within you! I have had the pleasure of catering for beautiful yoga retreats and find this very intimate setting ideal for really fuelling the food with love, making it all the more nutritious for the body and fulfilling for the soul.

I am available for both teaching yoga and catering retreats around the world. If there’s anything you’d like to chat about, please do send me a message. I have a monthly newsletter too so please send me you’re email if you’d like to receive exclusive recipes, guides and info about upcoming workshops and retreats around the globe.

With love,

Ella x


Photo by Bas Vanest at Back2Roots Retreats


2 Comments on “About”

  1. So good to see someone who isn’t afraid to not cook with meat, try new things, and still do really tasty healthy meals on the cheap! Definitely going to become my nutritional food bible with all these interesting but simple recipies


    • Thank you so much, that is so kind! Cooking without meat has encouraged me to be creative and has shown me the true value of other foods. I’m so glad you like it – I’ll be posting every Thursday!


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