New Moon Goddess Potion

I usually always post on a Thursday but I wanted to post this Tuesday as it’s a new moon tonight. This is a special time when people naturally become more introverted, perhaps feeling more tired and more like saying at home, relaxing…. Read More

‘Van Life’ Living – Western Australia Roadtrip

February brought the completion of my level 2, 300 hour yoga teacher training, then a three week holiday to follow, and so I took my opportunity to explore this wonderful country more. When I first arrived in Australia, I spent three week… Read More

Eat Local

I’m so lucky to have the wonderful Byron farmers markets every week. Unfortunately it’s on one of the days I study but I go out of my way to get there and make it work by either getting up really early, riding… Read More

Healthy, happy travels

As it’s holiday season for my friends in the UK, I thought I’d share some simple tips that I go by to keep hold of my healthy lifestyle while travelling. I am currently two and a half months into my backpacking trip… Read More

Stock up your store cupboard

It’s a common misperception that healthy eating must be both expensive and time consuming. The main reason that I don’t find this to be the case is because I’ve got most of the ingredients to my meals already in my cupboards, bar… Read More

Chocolate Protein Shake

I’ve been getting really into my HIIT lately; just 15 minutes of exercise in the morning and you’re winning all day, how good is that?! What really helps us to progress our fitness, alongside dedication and motivation, is diet. It’s so important… Read More

Yoga and what it unveils…

Over the past few months I’ve not been feeling ‘myself’; I’ve been really struggling with some things that first appeared as physical symptoms. Underneath these symptoms lay, and still lies, deeper rooted issues. Our bodies tell stories and every time we deal… Read More


While I was doing the modern yogi project we were given weekly questions which we reflected on and then would feedback and discuss together the next week. One week the question ‘where do you feel most playful in life?’ really stumped me…. Read More

My journey through the Modern Yogi Prioject (mid-way point) and a juice cleanse

I am now in week 3 of my 6 week journey and therefore, almost half way through. I am so happy that I signed up for this and I’m reaping the benefits. The theme for week 1 was commit and this was… Read More

Raw Ginger Slices

So I’ve made it to Australia! I prepared a whole army of food to take with me on the mammoth journey and I’m so glad I did. I made my Protein Pesto Quinoa, Buckwheat Salad, Baobab Energy Bites and Protein Bars all… Read More