This homemade scrub is a luxurious way to treat all of your senses. Creating your own body products is a fun and sustainable hobby to enjoy and allows you to delve further into ritual, based around self-love. When you smell and feel… Read More

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In yogic philosophy, we are taught that everything in the material world is governed by these three gunas; that includes the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the music we listen us, and even just ourselves. Sattva Sattvic equals ‘goodness’. This… Read More

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Many animals, such as brown and grizzly bears, go into winter hibernation. They do this to adapt to their natural surroundings, in order to survive the cold weather. We humans also have conditions we must adapt to. Personally, I’ve been living away… Read More

A woman’s moon cycle is a beautiful thing. It provides the opportunity for a monthly detox and an inward journey. I lost my periods for over two years. I began my cycle at a young age and was always very regular with… Read More

Mornings are sacred. Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga) teaches many beautiful rituals which I have loved incorporating into my life. This is not a stress and not something you ‘should’ do, it’s advice which you may choose to take on board… Read More

‘Burning Man isn’t your usual festival. It’s a vibrant participatory metropolis generated by its citizens.’ … And I’d have to wholeheartedly agree. Burning man is not an event you go to; it’s an event you create, you and your fellow burners. This… Read More

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