Make it Happen

At this point, I feel like I’ve solved all the perceived food problems that I can! Over the past few months I’ve tried to show you how food can help you with all sorts, no matter what lifestyle you lead. I’ve provided… Read More

Ella’s food solution for… Powering through your 9-5

This week I started my work placement at a PR company which I am thoroughly enjoying. It is essential for me to be on point so that I can work efficiently, be focused on my tasks and come up with creative ideas…. Read More

Ella’s food solution for… Feeling sluggish

The food you eat is essential to the way you feel. Take charge and allow yourself to feel fantastic! Unfortunately, even foods which contain lots of good properties may not be working their magic on you due to the way they’re cooked…. Read More

Ella’s food solution for… Sussing out smoothies

Smoothies have been under scrutiny and have left lots of people unsure as to whether they are a healthy or unhealthy choice. The thing about smoothies is that they condense the fruit and vegetable that they contain, so fruit-only smoothies will contain… Read More

Ella’s food solution for… Staying happy and healthy on holiday

You’re on holiday so first things first – relax and enjoy. It is in no way good for us to worry about what we are eating but instead we should be mindful of what we are eating.This means making food choices which… Read More

Ella’s food solution for…Emotional eating

Research has shown that emotional eaters are very much affected by the texture of food not just the taste. When feeling angry, people often choose crunchy foods so I’ve put together a delicious salad which would allow you to crunch away that… Read More

Ella’s food solutions for… Living well

Breakfast: Oats are a great way to start the day because they contain slow releasing complex carbohydrates to keep you energised and ready for whatever your morning has in store for you. They are also very cheap and healthy. You can add… Read More

Ella’s food solutions for… Fuelling an active morning

If I am planning a morning jog, this suits me perfectly so that I can get straight up and at it. The banana gives me enough energy for the exercise then as soon as I get back I eat my full breakfast… Read More

The 3 stages of saving

The number one rule for saving money on food is to never throw any out. In order to achieve this ideal you must  think ahead and plan out meals. This does not mean having to have the same meal over and over… Read More

Salad selections

I have met many people who think that having a salad is a boring option but I would never let that be the case! I think the key (as I do with most meals) is to add as much as you can…. Read More