Where do I start… Byron is, I think, the most special place I’ve ever been to, never mind lucky enough to live in. I remember when I was coming to the end of my travels last year after traveling in Australia, living… Read More

February brought the completion of my level 2, 300 hour yoga teacher training, then a three week holiday to follow, and so I took my opportunity to explore this wonderful country more. When I first arrived in Australia, I spent three week… Read More

Here it is, the post I’ve been working on for a long time, my account of the place I love most: Bondi. A large part of the reason I wanted to live in Sydney, and in particular, Bondi, is because of the… Read More

Our journey has continued further down the coast and I have experienced more nourishing food and experiences at new destinations. Since leaving Airlie Beach we have done a 3 day camping trip on Fraser Island before travelling down to Noosa, through the… Read More

I’m having an incredible time here with my best friend (also called Ella) discovering so much culture and wildlife and we feel so lucky to be experiencing it all. On top of that, the food here is just my haven. There are… Read More