Who doesn’t love a good nut butter?! Except those poor people that are allergic to nuts (the horror!); if this is you then substitute the almonds for sunflower seeds to make an almighty seed butter, totally delicious also. You can buy so… Read More

Tomorrow is the beginning of Easter weekend which means, of course, my post this week is dedicated to chocolate. I’m recently back from a trip travelling around Peru, the world’s number one producer of organic cacao. I was interested to learn more… Read More

This porridge is so delicious, warming, comforting, nourishing, wholesome… The list could go on. I love it so much and keep making some variation of this recipe over and over again. It’s actually so easy to make a berry compote but feels… Read More

This recipe is inspired by the beautiful cooks at Byron Yoga Centre where I study two days a week. This week I’m actually just completing my level 2 teacher training there after studying for six months, but long ago on our very… Read More

Who likes chai? I love chai; chai tea, chai lattes, chai chocolate, everything; so I thought surely you can’t go wrong with a banana chai bread… This is a moist, sticky, aromatic, delicious bread that really hits the spot. It’s nut-free as… Read More

This is an impressive brekky that’s really easy to throw together. It’s raw, vegan, gluten free and nut free so is safe for people with allergies, intolerances and other dietary requirements. The flavours work so well together and I love the mixture… Read More

So as I went to make my morning porridge I realised, with shock horror, that I was out of nut butter… Just a couple of days earlier I’d been talking to an Israeli about the wonders of tahini and that it goes… Read More

As it’s Easter this weekend, I thought I’d create a special recipe. When I think of Easter I think of family roasts; sticky, toasted hot cross buns and, of course, chocolate Easter eggs! On Easter morning my brother and I used to… Read More

Lately I’ve been practicing yoga or going for a jog first thing in the morning and eating my breakfast afterwards. I’ve been playing around with overnight recipes which are so easy and means that I can refuel as soon as possible when… Read More

Despite the fact that it’s the end of July, it has been very wet, windy and rather cold lately. It’s not the weather we’d imagine for the height of summer, nevertheless, there is a bright side to this. I tend to eat… Read More