In light of it being International Women’s Day, I wanted to share this feminine beauty. This smoothie is chocolate heaven. It’s creamy, rich and delicious, though soft and comforting and has undertones of earthy beets and malty butterscotch. Here I have crafted… Read More

I usually always post on a Thursday but I wanted to post this Tuesday as it’s a new moon tonight. This is a special time when people naturally become more introverted, perhaps feeling more tired and more like saying at home, relaxing…. Read More

Weeks ago I bought a black sappote from the farmers market, also known as chocolate pudding fruit. It sat in the fruit bowl for a long, long time then yesterday I came home and realised it was finally soft and squishy! I… Read More

This is one thick indulgent shake that I cannot get enough of. Cardamom has overtaken cinnamon lately in the quest to become my most used spice. It’s so delicious, especially when paired with vanilla. The vanilla in this smoothie comes from the… Read More

I’ve been getting really into my HIIT lately; just 15 minutes of exercise in the morning and you’re winning all day, how good is that?! What really helps us to progress our fitness, alongside dedication and motivation, is diet. It’s so important… Read More

I’ve always been a huge fan of chocolate orange, I just love it and now I’ve finally worked out how to make it myself with wholefood – hallelujah! While living in Bondi, I worked in an amazing health food store and we… Read More

This smoothie just never gets old for me. I used to have different smoothies at least every two days and try many different combinations, but ever since this smoothie hit my lips I’ve become a creature of habit and just can’t get… Read More

Last weekend I went to the market and got carried away and bought stacks of the delicious-looking fruit so I later ended up with pieces starting to go past their best. I absolutely hate wasting food and there is a simple solution… Read More

This smoothie provides the perfect nourishment needed after a workout. Good quality nutrients are essential to progress with both cardio and weight training and although each form of exercise requires slightly different fuel, both forms of training must be teamed with good… Read More

Baobab and Berry Smoothie

Most people that know me know I love a good smoothie. They’re so fantastic as they are so quick. On a morning when I know I need to be somewhere, I’ll make sure the night before that I’ve prepared a delicious smoothie… Read More