I’ve travelled for different lengths of time to different locations, for different purposes. However, unlike my partner, I do not do any specific work or sports that requires certain equipment e.g. surf boards, climbing shoes, crampons or diving gear. For me, I… Read More

I think we probably all have our own ways of either mindlessly reacting or mindfully responding to feelings of anxiety. This is often the time we will turn to our vice: eating/drinking/smoking etc but by doing this, instead of actually facing the… Read More

Often when people talk about travelling, the topic of money can be one of the first. The thing is, everyone travels differently and even from trip to trip. Soon I am to embark on a totally new adventure (all will be revealed… Read More

I know that so many people, just like me, love to travel. Whether it’s a long weekend city break, a couple of weeks in the sun, or a long-term backpacking adventure, there’s something so special about being immersed in new surroundings where… Read More

As it’s holiday season for my friends in the UK, I thought I’d share some simple tips that I go by to keep hold of my healthy lifestyle while travelling. I am currently two and a half months into my backpacking trip… Read More