Preparing my food for work or travel is really important to me. There are many reasons for this and below I’ll discuss the main three. WASTE Buying food out and about leads to waste. Obviously if you’re buying take-away food then it… Read More

The koshas are a key aspect in yogic philosophy that help us to understand the science of the self. There are 5 koshas which can be thought of as layered casings of the body; sheath over sheath encasing the soul. Iyengar describes the… Read More

These past couple of weeks I’ve been saying yes. Yes to walks, yes to spending time with others, yes to visiting waterfalls, yes to afternoon exercise (when I created a story in my head that I only exercise first thing), yes to… Read More

Have you ever noticed what happens in your physical body when certain emotions arise? These feelings are meant to move through us; instead, often we allow them to bunch up inside of us, crystallising tension, fear and anxiety into real physical knots. … Read More

Christmas is pretty funny when you really think about it; what was once a religious day (and of course still is for many) is now more of a consumerist concoction of over-doing and over-indulging. What’s beautiful about Christmas is that most people… Read More

Who doesn’t love a good nut butter?! Except those poor people that are allergic to nuts (the horror!); if this is you then substitute the almonds for sunflower seeds to make an almighty seed butter, totally delicious also. You can buy so… Read More

I think we probably all have our own ways of either mindlessly reacting or mindfully responding to feelings of anxiety. This is often the time we will turn to our vice: eating/drinking/smoking etc but by doing this, instead of actually facing the… Read More

This homemade scrub is a luxurious way to treat all of your senses. Creating your own body products is a fun and sustainable hobby to enjoy and allows you to delve further into ritual, based around self-love. When you smell and feel… Read More

In yogic philosophy, we are taught that everything in the material world is governed by these three gunas; that includes the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to and even our own being. Sattva Sattvic equals ‘goodness’…. Read More

I recently spent a little while in London and it seemed to me that the principle of personal choice was largely being forgotten. Advertisements and the media can encourage the idea that we all must just follow suit and do what all… Read More