This recipe serves 3-4 and I love to team it with a good serving of black rice and sauerkraut for a meal that makes a great lunchbox. This can also be a nice side dish at a bbq, picnic or pot luck… Read More

Who doesn’t love a good nut butter?! Except those poor people that are allergic to nuts (the horror!); if this is you then substitute the almonds for sunflower seeds to make an almighty seed butter, totally delicious also. You can buy so… Read More

We get a box of organic veggies delivered to our house each week; it’s so fun experimenting with the goods. I’ve enjoyed so many beets in these boxes and thought it was time for me to get more creative with them. As… Read More

This recipe is inspired by the beautiful cooks at Byron Yoga Centre where I study two days a week. This week I’m actually just completing my level 2 teacher training there after studying for six months, but long ago on our very… Read More

I love this dish and use it as an accompaniment to all sorts of salads. Chickpeas are a great source of plant protein and when roasted they become firm and almost crispy, adding a lovely, almost nutty, texture. This is so easy… Read More

Now it’s summer, we often yearn for more fresh, fruity flavours. This is a great salad to add to a barbecue, take out on picnics or enjoy around the table on a summer evening. A big bonus is that it’s so simple… Read More

This is such a fantastic summer salad and it’s a great option if you’re preparing food for lots of people. It’s colourful and light but has so much plant protein it will fill you up and fuel your body. The mixture of… Read More

I’ve had such a fantastic time celebrating my 21st and wanted to share with you how I treated my guests to homemade nibbles. I tend to have a big meal a couple of hours before going out  but as I was having… Read More

Hot Jalapeño Hummus

Hummus is a great thing to have in your fridge, it brings moisture to meals and a fantastically filling element. I love adding a big dollop to bowls of quinoa and veg, raw salads as well as using it as a dip… Read More