Another recipe to utilise almond meal… see that when you make your own almond milk, your kitchen becomes so much more creative! If you stock your store cupboard with various spices and coconut, in its various forms, wholesome baking really is so… Read More

These were created by using whatever I could find in the cupboards. I knew that I wanted to use my almond pulp, left over from making almond milk (one of the many reasons why making your own almond milk is so great!),… Read More

The gooiest of gooey delights. These bad boys are one of my best creations; from the the soft, moorish texture with bites of plump raisins and sweet grated ginger, to the the spiced flavour with extra pazzaz, to the the warming, wholesome… Read More

This bread is sure to win over any sweet tooth. The combination of ingredients create an aromatic flavour with lovely textures, particularly from the seeds of the dried fig. I have used apple purée before to bake with which works as a… Read More

Tomorrow is the beginning of Easter weekend which means, of course, my post this week is dedicated to chocolate. I’m recently back from a trip travelling around Peru, the world’s number one producer of organic cacao. I was interested to learn more… Read More

This is dangerously delicious and so easy! I recommend everyone to give this a go because you can’t go wrong. It’s all about rough chopping, chucking things in a saucepan/baking dish and letting the oven do the work. I love Christmas spices… Read More

While I’ve lived in Byron Bay this past year I’ve worked at a smoothie bar in called Bare Blends and I’ve absolutely loved it! We’re soon to be incorporating a big display fridge of raw treats so we wanted to expand our… Read More

I made these chocolates for a dinner party I had at my house and they went down a treat! It’s lots of fun making chocs and if you buy a little mould they look really professional yet you can buy them super… Read More

Yes you read the title right… chocolate, almond butter, vanilla, sweet, salty deliciousness; everything you’ve ever dreamed about in one soft, fudgey mound, hubba hubba. This is the perfect Easter weekend treat. It’s so easy to put together, it’s in fact rather… Read More

Weeks ago I bought a black sappote from the farmers market, also known as chocolate pudding fruit. It sat in the fruit bowl for a long, long time then yesterday I came home and realised it was finally soft and squishy! I… Read More