Almond & Vanilla Salted Golden Brownies

Yes you read the title right… chocolate, almond butter, vanilla, sweet, salty deliciousness; everything you’ve ever dreamed about in one soft, fudgey mound, hubba hubba. This is the perfect Easter weekend treat. It’s so easy to put together, it’s in fact rather… Read More

New Moon Goddess Potion

I usually always post on a Thursday but I wanted to post this Tuesday as it’s a new moon tonight. This is a special time when people naturally become more introverted, perhaps feeling more tired and more like saying at home, relaxing…. Read More

Chocolate Mouse

Weeks ago I bought a black sappote from the farmers market, also known as chocolate pudding fruit. It sat in the fruit bowl for a long, long time then yesterday I came home and realised it was finally soft and squishy! I… Read More

Creamy Cardamom Shake

This is one thick indulgent shake that I cannot get enough of. Cardamom has overtaken cinnamon lately in the quest to become my most used spice. It’s so delicious, especially when paired with vanilla. The vanilla in this smoothie comes from the… Read More

Banana Chai Bread

Who likes chai? I love chai; chai tea, chai lattes, chai chocolate, everything; so I thought surely you can’t go wrong with a banana chai bread… This is a moist, sticky, aromatic, delicious bread that really hits the spot. It’s nut-free as… Read More

Chocolate Orange Smoothie

I’ve always been a huge fan of chocolate orange, I just love it and now I’ve finally worked out how to make it myself with wholefood – hallelujah! While living in Bondi, I worked in an amazing health food store and we… Read More

Tropical Mango & Pineapple Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seed pudding is a great choice for breakfast as it’s full of essential fatty acids which help your brain to work efficiently. Also, this meal is prepared the night before eating so it makes this such an easy, quick option for… Read More

Raw Ginger Slices

So I’ve made it to Australia! I prepared a whole army of food to take with me on the mammoth journey and I’m so glad I did. I made my Protein Pesto Quinoa, Buckwheat Salad, Baobab Energy Bites and Protein Bars all… Read More

Dairy Free Vanilla & Pistachio Ice Cream

That’s right, healthy ice cream! It’s so fun finding ways of creating well-loved foods in a much healthier way. As it’s getting closer to summer and we’ve been enjoying some lovely sunny weather you may be looking forward to some silky smooth,… Read More

Spring-Time Snacking

These energy bites taste so sweet and fruity – perfect for spring-time snacking. They are filling due to their protein and healthy fat content yet their flavour is lighter, suitable for these sunnier months. Baobab powder is the secret ingredient that creates… Read More