Last weekend I went on a road trip to Wales… After (and while) spending so many years travelling, my interest in exploring closer to home has been peaking. Recently I’ve been gobsmacked by the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales, a place literally… Read More

I’ve travelled for different lengths of time to different locations, for different purposes. However, unlike my partner, I do not do any specific work or sports that requires certain equipment e.g. surf boards, climbing shoes, crampons or diving gear. For me, I… Read More

Last year, while based in Morocco, my friend Hanna and I flew up north and rented a car from Fes airport. We had an incredible week-long road-trip through the very northern tip of Africa and we even crossed the border into Europe…. Read More

After making a home for ourselves here in the surf capital of Morocco, it was time for my boyfriend and I to explore further afield. Taghazout is the nearest town to our base which is part of a small mountain village: Ait… Read More

I’ve wanted to visit Copenhagen for a long time after learning about the alluring concept of ‘hygge’; the danish word that means something like cosiness of the soul, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and that soothing sense of home. I began… Read More

1. The nature Although Berlin is a big city, it really doesn’t feel like it! During my stay, I didn’t once get that claustrophobic feeling that I often do in a highly populated central area. The city isn’t piled high with skyscrapers;… Read More

Often when people talk about travelling, the topic of money can be one of the first. The thing is, everyone travels differently and even from trip to trip. Soon I am to embark on a totally new adventure (all will be revealed… Read More

Tomorrow is the beginning of Easter weekend which means, of course, my post this week is dedicated to chocolate. I’m recently back from a trip travelling around Peru, the world’s number one producer of organic cacao. I was interested to learn more… Read More

I have chosen to write about the three main cities of Peru, which are in fact bursting with healthy hotspots. As opposed to them being ‘international’ hubs, they serve true Peruvian cuisine. Peru is the home of many western ‘superfoods’, from root… Read More

I know that so many people, just like me, love to travel. Whether it’s a long weekend city break, a couple of weeks in the sun, or a long-term backpacking adventure, there’s something so special about being immersed in new surroundings where… Read More