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Quinoa, Kale & Roast Veg Lunch Box

A day outside of the home is a time to take your lunchboxes! When we prepare for ourselves from sustainably sourced ingredients we reduce the demand for single use packaging and we save ourselves a hefty amount of cash! By making your… Read More

3 Reasons to Food Prep and How

Preparing my food for work or travel is really important to me. There are many reasons for this and below I’ll discuss the main three. WASTE Buying food out and about leads to waste. Obviously if you’re buying take-away food then it… Read More

Carob, Ginger & Coconut Cookies

Another recipe to utilise almond meal… see that when you make your own almond milk, your kitchen becomes so much more creative! If you stock your store cupboard with various spices and coconut, in its various forms, wholesome baking really is so… Read More

Asian Style Slaw

This recipe serves 3-4 and I love to team it with a good serving of black rice and sauerkraut for a meal that makes a great lunchbox. This can also be a nice side dish at a bbq, picnic or pot luck… Read More

Gooey Ginger Blondies with Salted Ginger Cream Frosting

The gooiest of gooey delights. These bad boys are one of my best creations; from the the soft, moorish texture with bites of plump raisins and sweet grated ginger, to the the spiced flavour with extra pazzaz, to the the warming, wholesome… Read More

Lime & Coconut Body Scrub

This homemade scrub is a luxurious way to treat all of your senses. Creating your own body products is a fun and sustainable hobby to enjoy and allows you to delve further into ritual, based around self-love. When you smell and feel… Read More

Rainbow Salad Bowl

This is a truly delicious meal, filled with flavour and nourishment. It includes a whole array of vibrant colours which signifies its exuberant nature, therefore feeding the body with prana: life force. Kale is quite the trendy vegetable these days, however, if… Read More

Organic Peruvian Cacao, Coconut & Goji Granola

Tomorrow is the beginning of Easter weekend which means, of course, my post this week is dedicated to chocolate. I’m recently back from a trip travelling around Peru, the world’s number one producer of organic cacao. I was interested to learn more… Read More

Golden Sunshine Pesto

We get a box of organic veggies delivered to our house each week; it’s so fun experimenting with the goods. I’ve enjoyed so many beets in these boxes and thought it was time for me to get more creative with them. As… Read More

Travel: Peru

I have chosen to write about the three main cities of Peru, which are in fact bursting with healthy hotspots. As opposed to them being ‘international’ hubs, they serve true Peruvian cuisine. Peru is the home of many western ‘superfoods’, from root… Read More